Top 10 Tips for Writing a Great College Admission Essay

Do you want your college admission essay to distinguish you? Are you looking for the effective tips to write a winning college essay? During the admission process, US colleges and universities determine which students to accept and which to reject through three criteria. They are: Previous Coursework – your grade point average (GPA) and your … Read more

World War II: Main Causes of World War Two

Do you know that World War II is the most devastating war in human history? And, the effects of World War I are actually related to the causes of World War II? Lasting only six years, its effects were tremendous. It was a war that changed the political and economic landscape on a global scale. … Read more

12 Things Most Likely to Destroy the World

Have you wondered how Earth sustains life? Our atmospheric composition, closeness to the Sun and numerous other factors not only allowed life to evolve but helped thrive. The human race has been on Earth for over 2.8 million years. People, since the dawn of time, have been prophesying doomsday, weaving stories on how the world … Read more