emoji app in android

Best Emoji Apps for Android

Imagine the world without any emojis, it would be difficult to express ourselves on social media networks. Our conversations are mainly driven by word-based communication on the Internet. However, in today’s world, the trend is about to change. Enter emojis – emojis have proven that they are an important part of our everyday conversations. Just … Read more

secret sms text replicator

Secret SMS Replicators Apps You Never Knew About In 2018

Ever wanted to see what your girlfriend/boyfriend is reading in a text? Did your boyfriend/girlfriend ever give you the reason to doubt the relationship? Most relationships nowadays start from exchanging text messages. It’s likely that unfaithful partner in a relationship may also start the process of cheating through exchanging text messages. Your partner may have … Read more

technology changed lives

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives | 2018 Edition

Do you sometimes feel like smashing your buzzing smartphone on the floor, or throwing your computer away? Yes, sometimes electronic devices get on our nerves. But, ultimately technology is meant to make our lives easier, and faster. With the blessing of technology, we are able to enjoy endless opportunities, immense potential with technology. We are … Read more


Friendship Day Ideas | 50+ Tips To Get Started

Childhood friends. School friends. Local friends. College friends. Job friends. Best friends. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. Our entire life revolves around building friendships. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small section of bosom friends or a large number of friend circle. Each of our friendship introduces us to new things in life, inspiring us to look … Read more