12 Things Most Likely to Destroy the World

Have you wondered how Earth sustains life? Our atmospheric composition, closeness to the Sun and numerous other factors not only allowed life to evolve but helped thrive. The human race has been on Earth for over 2.8 million years. People, since the dawn of time, have been prophesying doomsday, weaving stories on how the world … Read more

Donald Trump

Top 5 Most Asked Questions To Donald Trump

What time is Donald Trump’s speech today? Donald Trump held a rally in Wisconsin Tuesday night and delivered a speech at a campaign rally. In his speech, Trump tried to appeal to the black voters and held Democratic policies accountable for the higher rate of unemployment, and poor living conditions that blemish inner-city neighborhoods. Donald … Read more

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Eclipsing Donald Trump in Multiple Polls

Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by eight points — Washington Post poll. Four new NBC polls find Clinton leading Trump by nine points. Hillary is ahead of Trump by 48%-39% in Florida; a Monmouth University poll Is Hillary Clinton Winning for President? The several polls organized by influential media outlets, institutions show Hillary Clinton … Read more