The Advantages of Working for Someone Else before Starting Your Own Company

Any person with an entrepreneurial spirit cannot deny the appeal of working solo. Flexible hours, independence, autonomy, unlimited income potential — working solo is alluring. However, there’s also the other side of the coin that draws several downsides of self-employment. The downsides that are continuously destroying the dreams of an entrepreneur — lack investments, failure … Read more

Which company will fall first: Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft

Which Company Will Last Long: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft?

For years, tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google shared the “world’s most valuable” platform with social networking giant “Facebook” and eCommerce giant “Amazon”. They all seem to be thriving with no possibility of slowing down soon. But, people may be interested in knowing which company would collapse if the time came. That’s the purpose of … Read more

How to start a business

10 Thing You Should Know Well Before Starting A Business Online

Livelihood relies on businesses. Business not only affects an owner through the individual level but also impacts employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors. While business revolves around producing and supplying goods and services to the customers, business is also the basis of societal prosperity. As an engine of personal growth and social development, business plays a … Read more