run ios apps on android

How to Run iOS Apps on Android (2019 Method)

Some of the best mobile applications in the world only run on the iPhone. While lots of iPhone apps available on Android and Windows versions, there are still many apps that are only developed to run on iPhone. If you have an Android phone, but want to run iPhone apps on your Android, then you … Read more

android optimizing apps

10 Best Apps to Optimize Android and Enhance Speed

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The perks of owning an Android are many. Minimal maintenance is one of them. You don’t need to maintain your Android routinely. But, it’s certainly a good practice to clean your Android from time to time. Routinely cleaning your Android keeps your device in … Read more

update android apps

How to Update Apps on Android [4 Different Working Methods]

Android applications are designed to automatically update when connected to Wi-Fi. The Android System can update apps automatically as soon as your device is connected to Wi-Fi. However, many a time we have to rely on cellular data for an Internet connection. If you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, or automatic updating of your apps is … Read more

emoji app in android

Best Emoji Apps for Android

Imagine the world without any emojis, it would be difficult to express ourselves on social media networks. Our conversations are mainly driven by word-based communication on the Internet. However, in today’s world, the trend is about to change. Enter emojis – emojis have proven that they are an important part of our everyday conversations. Just … Read more

secret sms text replicator

Secret SMS Replicators Apps You Never Knew About In 2018

Ever wanted to see what your girlfriend/boyfriend is reading in a text? Did your boyfriend/girlfriend ever give you the reason to doubt the relationship? Most relationships nowadays start from exchanging text messages. It’s likely that unfaithful partner in a relationship may also start the process of cheating through exchanging text messages. Your partner may have … Read more